R E F U S E - The Third Quarter 2020

‘R E F U S E’ is a self guided exploration of the Individual, distilling the inextricable links between identity, materialism, and resource consumption. In an era of Industrialisation and Individualism, identity has become distanced from intrinsic connections to natural ecosystems, tethered instead to the illusion of freedom

of choice as a consumer in an open market.

Preying on vulnerability and defined by symbolic association, identity is commodified through marketing’s covenant of self transformation; the future tense

lures of pleasure, happiness, and glamour translated as material totemism. While advertisements and products promise brighter futures continually deferred,

the present is compromised with financial strain and cultural inferiority individually, and in resource exploitation and excess waste collectively.

Providing instruments for the Individual to assume an anthropological perspective, ‘R E F U S E’ merges consumer waste with culturally and commercially valued

mineral commodities, reflecting transitional attitudes to materialism and resource consumption. Investigated in the ‘Verre églomisé’ technique the materials

become a window into the Individual’s identity, demanding enquiry into habitual consumption in a finite landscape.

Refuse (noun) - matter thrown away or rejected as worthless; rubbish.

Refuse (verb) - indicate or show that one is not willing to do something.

Please contact for exhibition catalogue and accompanying essay by Christian Rizzalli.