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Rick Hayward is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based multidisciplinary artist interested in consciousness and perceptions of reality. Seeking to realise the union of the material and the metaphysical through the craft based practices of verre églomisé and traditional woodworking, his studio work embraces the meditative qualities of discipline and process culminating in harmonious multi-dimensional works.


Hayward's public artwork explores themes broadly related to the human condition, investigating universal truths that unite and connect humanity through the lens of typography and abstraction. Informed by an intuitive approach to composition grounded in his experience as a visual communicator, his work utilises narrative and letterforms in varying degrees of abstraction.

With two decades experience working with his hands and a passion for craftsmanship, Hayward enjoys collaborating with clients and accepts artwork, traditional signwriting, mural, and fine furniture enquiries.


Please get in touch for a catalogue of available works, or for any other enquiries.

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