Rick Hayward is an established Brisbane creative traversing the space between craftsman and artist. Hayward translates 18 years of traditional sign-writing into a contemporary studio and public art practice, alongside varied commercial projects.


Utilising social, environmental, and anthropological discourse to inform his work, Hayward’s practice is built on observation and documentation, research and reflection. His work spans large scale murals, through to studio artworks utilising skills and materials grounded in traditional sign-writing.


From reductive collagic compositions referencing hard-edge abstraction, through to typographic works grounded in his understanding of traditional sign writing, Hayward's work represents a fluid intertextuality between commercial and contemporary realms.

Excerpt from ‘Divergence’ 2019 exhibition essay by Curator Sophie Kubler -

“Hayward’s contemplation of the intersections between the realms of natural and human, resonates

across the show and in many ways, serves as an underlying goal. As humans globally are closer than

ever to facing the consequences of climate change and the effects of the man-made age of the

Anthropocene, the idea of embracing ‘slow’ philosophy and rebuilding communities and economies with an emphasis on hand-made and locally produced is growing. Amidst this conscious, societal change, it is important to situate the works of this artist, whose highly skilled-based practices, acquired

traditionally and practiced authentically, in a socially and environmentally conscious context.”


2020 ‘R E F U S E’ - The Third Quarter, Brisbane

2019 ‘Trespass’ - Onwards Studio, Newcastle

2019 ‘Divergence’ - The Third Quarter, Brisbane

2018 'Less is more' - 1AMSF, San Francisco

2016 'Louder than letters' - Goodspace, Sydney

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Brisbane City Council

Balter Brewers

Gold Coast City Council

Pacific Fair


Robina Town Centre

Queensland Rail


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No Cure Magazine

Frankie Magazine 'SPACES'

Etihad Airline's Atlas Magazine

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